Were you collecting cards?

Card collecting activity based on grammar point 'Was/Were/Yes, I was/No, I wasn't' and past tense verbs.

The goal of the game is to collect duplicates of the same card from other players by asking questions specific to the card.

  1. Students receive 5 cards each, they should not have any pairs to start with.
  2. Students then find a partner and play Janken to decide who goes first.
  3. Winner goes first and asks 'Were you OOO?' based on what cards they have. Eg. 'Were you eating noodles?'
  4. If the other player has that card, they respond 'Yes, I was' and hand that card over. If they don't have the card, they respond 'No I wasn't.'
  5. The second player then asks their own question. Students then find a new partner and repeat the game.

If students make a pair, those cards remain in play and one of the cards could be taken if someone else is looking for that same card.

At the end, students count up their pairs to determine points. You could announce that certain pairs are worth double or triple to shake things up.

Feel free to put whatever twist you want on the rules or just use these cards for a completely different activity.

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    Submitted by Chrial January 28, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20min

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