Emotions Bingo

Simple bingo game aimed towards ES 3rd grade - Let's Try 1 Unit 2

It's just a simple bingo sheet for emotions.
A 3x3 bingo card with the middle being a free space.

Included on the bottom are 8 different emotions written in English, Japanese and have a pic included.

I used it with my ES 3rd graders this past year during Unit 2 to help throw in some fun during no group activity times.

Feel free to adjust as needed.

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    Submitted by shinjirarenai February 3, 2022 Estimated time:
    1. shinjirarenai June 2, 2022

      @earthiverse Surprisingly my HRT had the images already!

    2. kiwiguy23 May 11, 2023

      Do you get the students to write the English in the spaces?

    3. shinjirarenai July 13, 2023

      @kiwiguy23 I encourage them to write in English and most of them do! But they can write in Japanese too.

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