Mario Kart

A sugoroku-type of review game usually used for elementary students.

This is not my original idea. I learned it from my JTE and I used it on my classes which the students really enjoyed. This is the upgraded version. Hope you enjoy it!

- Mario kart characters printout (better print on A3 and if laminated)
- chance items: STAR, MUSHROOM, SHELL (5 of each might be enough)
- dice (you can use the online google dice or an actual dice)
I've included the files I used for printing before, feel free to use it.

- make groups of 4 or 5 persons (or 6 per group if the class is big)
- assign a character for each group (you can decide on how you want to assign the characters)
- draw a sugoroku race track on the board (include a banana and arrow dash drawing)
check out the sample file on how to draw the sugoroku track
・BANANA – go back one space
・ARROW DASH – move up to the end of the arrow space
- explain the rules to the students:
・each group assign the order on answering the questions
・one member of each group will stand up(in their decided order) and answer the HRT or ALT’s questions (you can ask anything they have studied). Also, the answering students might have different answers so make sure you let them answer one by one.
・after every group has answered, they each roll the dice (again, one by one) and then the HRT or ALT will move the character on the board.
・after every team has moved, for the item get chance, the students from each group will play janken with HRT or ALT and only one winner can draw one item (if multiple students won the janken, then they will play janken among themselves)
・STAR – roll dice one more time
・MUSHROOM – can move up to one team ahead of them
・SHELL – this is for clash! can choose any team and make the chosen team roll the dice and go back the number of spaces they rolled
- then just repeat the process for the next students until all students have answered or continue until goal

- template for the characters and items
- drawing of the sugoroku track
- questions / challenges list (print and cut the questions for drawing; you can use this to let students draw the questions)

Small files
  • Questions.docx (14 KB)
  • Sugoroku template.png (38.1 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Mario Kart.pptx (1.75 MB)
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