This activity can be adapted to a wide variety of grammar points.

  • Bucket List

    Students will write about things they want to accomplish in their lifetime.

  • Gartic Phone (Telephone Game)

    Telephone game, or "dengen game" in Japanese but adapted for the classroom. Involves writing, reading, and drawing.

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Mario Party tyhoon (TEMPLATE with sound)

    i downloaded the version by @Judekichi and thought it was a shame there wasn't any sounds to go with the animations so added them and uploading for anyone to use.

  • What do you want for Christmas?

    This worksheet`s target language is `I want` and `I`ll give`. Students will write about what they want for Christmas with reason.

  • Pick a door, any door review activity

    PPT game where students choose between two doors to either get treasure or attacked by a monster

  • Shopping at Zara

    This activity allows students to talk about shopping and practice a conversation between a Store Clerk and Customer.

  • Animal Crossing: Digging Challenge

    Teams answer questions for a chance to dig up bells, fossils, gyroids, and pitfalls in this Animal Crossing themed review game.

  • Telepathy Game (How many animals?)

    This is a simple Power Point activity intended for Grades 1-2. After mastering numbers (1-10), this could be a fun counting practice for the students.

  • Batsu Dice Pack

    3 of my staple dices in my English room -Normal dice -Ninja punishment dice -Question dice

  • Mario Memory Pairs cards

    Memory pair game in Mario theme

  • Reindeer Race

    A Christmas read & run game

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • Does/Doesn't - Who is your friend?

    From Sunshine Program Book 1, Program 5, Interact 1, pg 66. Explains how to use Does/Doesnt in a fun interactive way. For junior highschool students.

  • Spelling Race Game

    Two students race to select a card spelled by the teacher.

  • Kirby Dessert Dash (Phonics Game)

    Split your class in 2 and have them listen to a word and then attempt to write it based on the pronunciation! Good at getting all the students involved in bigger classes.

  • Zelda Treasure Quest + Christmas Edition (Typhoon)

    This is a PowerPoint typhoon game taking from Keith's style of the typhoon review game where you ask the question first from a sheet, then the student chooses a place on the board.

  • Karuta English Listening Activity

    Listening game inspired by the Japanese card game, Karuta. Uses a graded reading telling a story about Greenland.

  • Kahoot for New Horizon 3 Key Grammar Points

    This Kahoot covers most of the key grammar points in units 1 -5 of New Horizon 3. There are 20 questions with a mix of T/ F, word re-ordering and multiple choice.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • Trivia Quiz with Comparatives & Superlatives

    Test your class' general knowledge using this simple and flexible quiz.

  • Ordering in a restaurant

    This activity will introduce restaurant vocabulary to students and includes a script on how to order in a restaurant.

  • What do you want to be?

    This is a fun activity to practice job names. Students must guess the picture behind the tiles.

  • Fall for English 'Race and Speak'

    A Race and Speak type game along with follow up writing

  • NHE6 U5: Animals and Plurals

    This is a poster you can use to show students the singular and plural of animals in the Picture Dictionary.

  • Halloween Flash Cards

    18 Flash Cards of Halloween Characters and Things

  • New Horizon Book 1 - Unit 6 Wordsearch

    This is a wordsearch using 15 words taken from the New Words column on pages 60 and 62 of Unit 6 in the New Horizon textbook

  • New Horizon Book 1 - Unit 6 Crossword

    This is a short crossword of nine words (or phrases) taken from pages 58 - 62 of the new Horizon Textbook.

  • Halloween Blast

    Halloween-themed jeopardy-style game for 5th/6th graders.

  • Pumpkin / jack o'lantern papercraft

    Make paper jack o'lanterns! I paired this activity with a special needs class where we learned body part names in English. The students asked for the body parts to make their jack o'lantern.

  • Zombie Challenge

    Zombie game with a powerpoint

  • [General Game] Imperial Invasion & Alien Abduction

    These are 2 reskins of Robert's Kyoto Invasion game. Something for the students to do in pairs or groups between Answering and Checking their answers with a seperate tablet.

  • Minefield Treasure Hunt!

    Students look at the pictures and make sentences to dig up buried treasure - or a bomb!

  • Halloween PowerPoint and Quiz

    The PowerPoint outlines the purpose and history of Halloween, popular costumes around the world and activities associated with Halloween.

  • [General Game] Godzilla!! (Tooth Wars reskinned)

    Win by destroying buildings across Japan. After checking students' answer, the student can choose a letter to cause Godzilla to fire his breath attack. Point for each building destroyed.

  • Ship Pirate Crew - One Piece Version

    Objective: Spin to win! Spin all five sections to try and get a Ship, Captain, and Crew. Three Chances.

  • Halloween gerund

    Students will write sentences about the pictures using the pattern "He enjoyed ~ing."

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • The Halloween Scene

    A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

  • One World Smiles 5 and 6 Picture Cards

    All picture cards for one world smiles 5 and 6. of course other texts may use, but the order of the lessons is different, just keep that in mind.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Zombie Game

    A no prep speaking activity in which students play janken, try to avoid becoming a zombie, and have a great time.

  • Super Mario Christmas Blast

    A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.

  • Zelda Treasure Quest + Christmas Edition (Typhoon)

    This is a PowerPoint typhoon game taking from Keith's style of the typhoon review game where you ask the question first from a sheet, then the student chooses a place on the board.

  • Say Something A.K.A. 2 line game

    A warm-up activity where kids line up in 2 long lines. No materials needed. they race each other to say who can say a word faster.

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