"That looks like..." Blind Drawing

Students cover their eyes, draw something, and then ask each other what the picture looks like.

This game is very simple but it's usually pretty funny. The goal is to practice the phrase "looks like."

First I make a show of covering my eyes and then drawing something (usually an animal like a cat or a hippo) on the blackboard. I ask the students what they think it is. I write the words "That looks like..." on the blackboard and ask the students to use the sentence to guess. I ask the JTE to do it as well and after maybe 1 or 2 more examples, pass out the paper to the students.

I tell them that they have to close their eyes and use a pen so they can't erase or change their picture. I've found that starting everyone off at the same time seems to help. The point of having them close their eyes is so that all of the pictures look silly and students don't have to worry about whether they have good art skills or not.

Once everyone's pictures are drawn, they need to ask 8 classmates what they think it looks like. You can have them use the phrase "What does this look like?" or you can ask them to pass their papers in a rotating pattern around the classroom and have each student write "That looks like..." In either case, the original artist can't say what the picture was supposed to be until after their partner writes the sentence.

Submitted by Jake W May 12, 2018 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
  1. dorbo June 11, 2020

    I just did this one. It went very well. We just passed back. This way we didn't have to break any of the quarantine rules.

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