Have you...? Talking with an exchange student

Students roleplay introducing a foreign exchange student to their school. They ask and answer questions using "Have you / Have you ever" and "I have been / I have(n't).

Students make pairs and roleplay being a student introducing a foreign exchange student to their school. The students take turns being the student and the exchange student.

The exchange student is coming to the host student's country. I have included five countries to choose from, as well as a blank space for students to add their own. The countries are: Spain, England, South Korea, Russia and Japan. There are also sections on how to say hello in each language, and a cultural event or aspect from each country. Feel free to change or add to the available countries!

This activity practices the present perfect continuous. For example:

How long have you been living in country?
I have been living here for time frame .

Have you ever heard of cultural event ?

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