Where is Naruto? (places in town/clubs&teams)

Touch the flag to reveal if Naruto is there or not. Group by group, Students say "I want to go to ________" in order to choose. The group that gets the most guesses right wins.

Submitted by JohnTeacher

August 5, 2022

Estimated time: 40 minutes

How it works:

Have the students look for Naruto among the different countries. The objective is the target phrase, "I want to go to ___________" But can be changed for other lessons, i.e. "I'm going to," "I went to," "I visited," "I will go", etc.

Whoever find Naruto gets a point. If its a small class it can be individual points and in a big class you can divide them up into teams beforehand

Most points wins, and all the hiding places are in the notes of each slide

If you would like to use this style for any other vocab, you can replace the photos or you can holler in the comments and I can see what I can whip up.

  • Where is Naruto (clubs and teams).pptx (53 MB)
  • Where is Naruto (places in the town).pptx (52 MB)
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    1. Lucasmh August 8, 2022

      I may not be an ALT anymore, but I still come into check on my work. If you are going to borrow my work to make more lessons, the least you can do is not copy/paste my entire prompt and make your own

    2. UonumaRobert August 9, 2022

      To save yourself some typing when it comes to the explanation of activities based on other ones here you can link the activities. That way you can just refer users back to the original for the explanation and you only have to add things that are different. If you are logged in at the bottom of your activity you'll find the option for linking under tagging. Just put in the name of the original activity. Note you won't see the option to link in edit mode though.

    3. Jake W August 9, 2022

      Sorry, the Activity Link function is broken at the moment, I think. I'll try and fix it soon.

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