Halloween Escape Room

for There is a/are ~ + preposition ~ grammar point

Get the passcode to escape the haunted house by solving the puzzles.
Part I. Bedroom (There is/are - 2 questions)
Part II & III. Kitchen & Bathroom (preposition in on under by between - 4 questions)
Part IV. Living Room (arrange the words to form sentences - 3 questions)

1. Check first if links and slides will work on the students' tablets.
*heavy file contains gifs. Sadly, it did not work on my students' tablets so I started the ppt on slide 4.
*The other file contains jpg only so it should work fine.
2. Check the Nihongo because I just used a translator for that.
3. Make different copies of the ppt per student as it might crash if all students would access one file.
4. They can navigate the ppt on their own but make sure to go around to check if they're reading instead of randomly clicking.
5. Provide a paper for them to write the codes.
6. Let me know if there are broken links so I could update this.

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • escape room there is are preposition - コピー.pptx (174 MB)
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    Submitted by ishtela October 24, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
    1. AsakawaSune October 25, 2022

      This looks great! Pity I'm not at my JHS this week.

    2. rmsmith October 25, 2022

      Top shelf stuff right here

    3. ReySensei October 25, 2022

      This is fantastic cheers to you mate

    4. Ulysses October 25, 2022

      Amazing work

    5. redbarron12 February 16, 2023

      It's great, I would just say that it's not "there is a paper", but "there is a piece of paper"

    6. ishtela July 3, 2023

      thanks! edited it.

    7. yolandaMteaches March 18, 2024

      please compress the file size!

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