Do As I Say

Students work in groups to respond to commands from the teacher and formulate appropriate responses.

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Originally submitted by Raegina Taylor & Jesse Willicome on Aug 16, 2007.


  • After breaking the class up into groups of 5-6 and assigning each group a name (animals, famous people, etc.), hand out a worksheet to each group.
  • Using the box at the top of the page explain a "command" (ie. show me your cat!) and the "verb compliment" sentence that follows it (ie. Asada Mao SHOWED Ichiro her cat).
  • Ask students to decide an order for their group from person 1 to person 5
  • Give a command to Student 1 in each group, and award one point to the student and group who followed the command first. For the next command rotate to Student 2, etc.
  • After finishing the "Show me" section, have students try to remember "who showed Mike sensei pg.47 of the book?" and fill in the worksheet. The fastest team to write the sentence than have a group member raise their hand and tell the ALT "Emi SHOWED Mike sensei pg.47 of the book". Award one point and check the next question in the section.
  • Repeat these steps for each section of the worksheet.


  • You could probably do this with a small class as well and have individual students compete against one another.
  • The same groups seem to be the groups completing the commands round-after-round, so you might think about giving points to the first 3-4 teams who complete the command.


  • Move around the room so that the team closest to you has a bit of an advantage, thus secretly helping the weaker teams keep up in the game.
  • Awarding points only for the commands seems to usually give one team a clear advantage, thus awarding points for reading sentences really evens the playing field.


  • Watch out for flying shoes and pencils and students tripping over themselves trying to get to you first. This is honestly an exciting game!
Submitted by Englipedia Archive March 15, 2019 Estimated time: 35-50 min

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