New Crown 1 "You look _____" Bingo Game!

Bingo / Interview game for New Crown 1 page 124-125 practicing emotions and how to say "You look ______".

A fun warm up activity to practice emotions / using the grammar point "You look ________"!

I start by reviewing all of the vocab words with the students and having them repeat after me. Then I get ~5 student volunteers to come to the front of the class one at a time to play a gesture game. The student will choose an emotion and 'act it out' in front of the class, while the class guesses what emotion they are. I normally have the previous student choose the next student and stop after 5 people have gone; if you have a really shy class that doesn't like to volunteer you can use a number generator to choose the students or just skip this part (but it does help to get the class involved in the activity).

Then, I have the students stand up and go around, interviewing each other. The students will play Janken and the winner will have to do a gesture of one of the emotions, while the loser tries to guess the emotion by saying "You look ________!". If the guesser is right, they get to cross out that emotion on their bingo chart. I let this go on for about ~10 minutes or until they start to lose interest, then follow it up with a blooket practice.

(Link to the blooket practice: )

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    Submitted by emilyinsado January 31, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes
    1. tiredkiwi March 6, 2023

      this is great, thank you so much!

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