Unit 9 Daily routine Time hunter/Endless sugoroku

This is original from I edited this using the pictures from the textbook LET'S TRY 2 for grade 4.

You can use this as endless sugoroku instead of writing the times

• TimeHunters -attachment (Includes a game board and cards)
• Dice
• Game piece (eraser)
• Students each take a card and place their game piece / erasers on any green START square.
• Roll the dice.
• If they land on a red STOP square, lose a turn.
• If they land on a DICE square, they can roll again.
• Win by collecting all the times for the verbs and writing them on your card.
• Routine without time is just there for the students to practice. They don’t have to write anything about it.
• If it takes too long, allow students to travel back and forth, not just in a straight line.
• Drill the target language enough times so they are confident enough to say it in their groups.
• Some students have a tendency to just roll the dice and write down times. It helps if they are "gently" reminded to actually say the target language. Some groups can be told to police themselves.

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    Submitted by doughn0tdisturb March 1, 2023 Estimated time:
    Inspired by Time Hunters
    1. charlotte March 2, 2023

      Aww, I wish my 4th grade classes were smaller so I could play this with them, I don't really fancy printing, laminating and cutting 13 copies :') Maybe next year!

    2. mich888 February 6, 2024

      This is an interesting game! Thanks for sharing.

      Maybe a variation could be another person in the group writes the time down. For example, the person on Student A's right side would be the one to write Student A's time down. If Student A doesn't say the target sentence with the correct time, the person won't write the entry on their card.

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