Japanese "Say 'Haa'" Card Game (Eng Version)

A fun acting game for before a break. Students say an English phrase while acting out a randomly selected scenario and have members guess which. Hilarity ensues.

Submitted by 4sarah1212

March 10, 2023

Estimated time: 15 - 25 minutes


  • Print and cut out the cards
    • Acting cards: enough to have around 4 per group
    • A, B, C, D, E, F cards: one set per group
    • Point cards: one per student (if you plan to play for a long time, I recommend making them double sided)


  • Divide your class into groups. (I recommend groups of 4-6 students.)
  • Distribute cards as outlined above.
  • Within each group:
    1. Select an acting card and have one student select a letter card at random.
    2. Without showing their team members which letter it is, have that student say the English phrase at the top of the acting card while acting out the scenario next to the letter they randomly chose.
    3. The other group members secretly write what letter they think was acted out.
    4. Reveal the letter.
    5. Guessers get one point for being correct, actors get one point for every correct guess. Each student keeps a tally on the bottom of their point card.
    6. Repeat with a different actor.
      • Students can use the same acting card, rotate acting cards, choose at random, or choose after seeing their letter. Whatever you or they prefer! I let students decide.


A: Can't believe it
B: Angry
C: Cool
D: Didn't hear it
E: Like your ALT
F: Happy

  • I have English and Japanese versions of the descriptions. Since it's for the end of the year, I made my cards double sided with English and Japanese for ease of use. Feel free to challenge your kids with just the English! I tried to keep most of the scenarios simple, but you'll have to go over some vocabulary (such as hypnotist, snobby/fancy, etc.).
  1. RoselleDesigns March 10, 2023

    This is a great idea! I often play the real version of this game with my friends and it's always a blast. This would be a great end of the year activity for my junior high students!

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