Animal Crossing Animals Worksheet (小1年生)

Introduces animals and "I like/don't like"

Hello everyone,

In this activity, students are given one card out of A-E. You should print out the cards and back them on coloured card so the kids can't see through them.

One student will ask "Do you like cats?". If the student has this animal on their card, they say "Yes, I do". Students ask each other questions until they figure out what card the other student has.

(I make all my worksheets on PowerPoint. Pls don't @ me)

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    Submitted by KobeALT March 13, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. larimarly March 13, 2023

      Cute! I'll be saving this for the next time I get asked to do a class with ES 1st graders! (btw I do all of my worksheets in PowerPoint too! It's just easier imho)

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