I We Activity

Crown Jr. 6 Lesson 1 Give a card the students, they need to find others who are the same

Each page is a different game, print enough copies of a page to ensure that every kid gets a card. Each page is 15 cards. To start I would recommend explaining the three options that are available and how it would change if it was “We” instead of “I”. The kids will each get a card. To give out the cards I recommend having them close their eyes and open their hands, it makes the game feel more mysterious. Once they have the cards and are ready then have to go around saying their expression to find others with the same cards. Give them a short time limit 1-2 minutes. Once the time is up have them stay in their groups or by themself if they were unsuccessful. Then ask them the question to the statement. Example… How are you?, What food do you like? What can you do? Etc. Then have that person or group answer… I am ____ or We are ____. After having all the people/groups talk collect the cards and repeat.

The pages...
I am _____
I have _____
I like _____
I don't like ______
I can _______

If you do not want to print the cards this game can also be done by cutting out squares in three different colors, then putting big flashcards(or writing) three things on the board and assigning each a color. Hand out cards randomly to the kids then play!

I am using this for Crown Jr. 6 Lesson 1

Submitted by OdafromTaijima April 13, 2023 Estimated time: 10 min

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