Taylor Swift - English Music Lesson

Lyric comprehension lesson using Taylor Swift`s `You Belong With Me`.

This lesson has been really popular with my classes so I thought I would share it!

Start the class by having the students listen to You Belong with Me and fill in the blanks to the lyrics. This is a good song to do because Taylor Swift sings clearly and the lyrics are not too complicated. I didn`t include the full lyrics just for space/time reasons. Once they listen to it once, have them discuss their answers with their classmates. I let them listen to the song 3 times! (NOTE: only have them listen to the song at this time. If the music video is up, some students will watch the music video instead of listening to the song.)

After the third time, I get students to volunteer to share the answers to the missing lyrics. (To encourage students to be brave enough to raise their hand and volunteer an answer, I normally walk around the classroom while students are discussing their answers with each other and let students know if their answer is correct.)

The rest of the worksheet is pretty self-explanatory! I generally do it one part at a time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

On the back of the handout I included popular recent English artists and songs and I also made a playlist of my favorite appropriate English songs for my students. You can change it to your own playlist or keep mine. To make your own QR code, copy the link of your playlist and then type QR code generator and then put the link into the generator and it will make a QR code for you.

After the students are finished the worksheet, I end the class by letting them watch the music video!

Submitted by eisorus April 24, 2023 Estimated time: 1 class

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