This is my original character.

A creative activity to practice this is/he is/she is grammar. New Horizon 1 Unit 2. Should be used as a review lesson after the grammar has been taught in a prior class.

Firstly, students spend around 10 or 15 minutes drawing their original character. It can take a while for them to get into it and think of an idea, but encourage them to draw inspiration from anything, whether it's stuff in their pencil case, around the classroom, or stuff from their favourite animes or games. Help the students who are really struggling to come up with an idea or are embarrassed to draw.

Next, put the students into groups of four and get them to brainstorm names for their characters for about five minutes. I find it's better in groups as the students help each other come up with names. After that, turn the paper and introduce the toolboxes to the students. Tell them they can use the words in the toolboxes to help them make the remaining two sentences, or if they want to use another word, they can use their tablets to look it up. Give the students about 15 minutes to make the rest of the sentences and walk around the room helping them.

When they're finished, ask them to take turns introducing their character to their groups using the sentences they wrote. This usually takes 5 minutes.

Finally, if you can, use the camera connected to the classroom monitor and ask for volunteers to introduce their characters to the class. Put their worksheet under the camera so the whole class can see the drawing, and ask them to say their three sentences to introduce their character. This is usually pretty fun as some of their drawings are hilarious. I usually reward them with a sticker if they volunteer.

Alternatively, if you can't use the camera, you could get the students to stand up and walk around the room. They can play janken with their classmates, winner introduces their character, then they switch roles.

By the way, please comment to let me know if any of my Japanese translations are weird! I was relying heavily on my dictionary...

Submitted by ParisFF May 16, 2023 Estimated time: 40-50 minutes.
  1. ameykk123 July 10, 2023

    Some of the words I would revise with their translation are below:
    Hero ヒーロー: 英雄 is more commonly used (esp when someone is intending to say "You are my hero"!)
    Ghost 幽霊: JHS students won't know the kanji, I would simply write, おばけ
    Smart 利口な: あたまがいいの方 is more colloquial

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