Interview Relay - Clues (NH)

Kiosk-style automated presentation of clues based on New Horizon.

This resource was designed to be used with the rules of Interview Relay. See mssamansa's activity posted in September 2022.

Show the attached pptx files on the classroom television screen. They are automated: they run in kiosk mode and then loop back to the beginning. Each slide is visible for six to ten seconds. The students simply look up, read, and translate the question clues when they're ready. Then, they can talk with the ALT to answer the question.

In the final three minutes, conclude with a class plenary discussion. Check the meanings of the questions and answers with all the students.

The slides on the pptx files have notes for reference. The pdf versions of the slides are also attached.

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki May 17, 2023 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes
Inspired by Interview Relay

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