Quiz - This / He / She is

A quiz using the key sentences from page 20 of New Horizon 1. This is Kaito / He is in class 1B / She is our teacher / Is that a fish market?

Submitted by Silverflower18

May 19, 2023

Estimated time: 45 minutes


There are three rounds:
- In the first one, you show the students a picture and they must identify the person and then say two sentences, "This is Naomi Osaka. She is a tennis player."
- In the second round, you will ask a question about the picture on the slide following the pattern, "Is that a ______?" The students must answer with, "Yes, it is." or "No, it is not."
- In the third round, the students have to look at the sentence and change the name to 'He' or 'She' and then fill in the blank space by looking at the picture.

How to play

  • Have the class split into 6 groups
  • For the first round there is a practice question so the students know the rules.
  • I have one student from each group stand up. The student changing after every question.
  • I then show the question and the picture, the first student who puts their hand up gets to answer. If they answer correctly they can then try get points.
  • The points are on the right of each slide. Have the students choose one of the numbers and click on it. There are +1 points, -1 points and Stop.
  • Have the student keep choosing numbers until they reach the one with 'Stop' behind it. Sometimes they will get negative points, no points or positive points.


  • Slide 10 has a famous samurai from Kagoshima. He is widely known around Japan but I’m not sure if the students from your area will know him.
  • Slide 19 has a JTE’s name, so you might want to change it to your JTE.
  • The font I use is called Print Bold, you can download it here
  • I have also added a version of the game with Comic Sans font.
Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Quiz - He She This.pptx (26.5 MB)
  • Quiz - He She This - Comic sans font.pptx (26.5 MB)
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    1. Denpa May 24, 2023

      The text shows up as blocks and other random characters on my school computer because of missing fonts. You may wish to switch to a font that is more widely available.

    2. SolanKJ May 25, 2023

      Very lovely. I am curious, where do you find the characters for your assignments. I see everyone use them (inc. the JTEs) but I am not sure where to find them myself.

    3. chiikawa May 25, 2023

      @SolanKJ they're from irasutoya, completely free to use without an account or anything :)

    4. jiggswalsh May 25, 2023

      The same ones that are used for our avatars on ALTopedia are from Great website with copyright-free images.

    5. ChetBorneo May 25, 2023

      @SolanKJ some other useful sites here.

    6. Silverflower18 May 25, 2023

      @Denpa I have uploaded a version with comic sans font :)

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