School Bag Guessing Game LT2 U5

Students guess what's in the ALT's school bag using "Do you have a OO?" ALT prepares a bag representative of their country.

Fill a schoolbag with items that you commonly find in a schoolbag in your country. Some of mine were real items and others were drawn and coloured on a piece of card.

Items from my country included a rugby ball, recorder, packed lunch, money, library book bag, trading stickers, etc.

Students guess what's in your bag one-by-one using the target grammar "Do you have a OO?" As they guess correctly, say "Yes, I do" and reveal the item. If incorrect, say "No, I don't".

Students always get surprised when I bring out certain items and have a lot of fun guessing using the target grammar. It also, of course, helps them to recognise that there's differences between schools around the world.

Credit to my JTE who came up with this idea!

Submitted by tendoalt June 1, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. Furachan June 2, 2023

    That is a good idea about having a picture of things that you don't actually have. I once did something like this but with random items from my house and they guessed what I had.

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