Yet, Already, Just Game

A game where the sudents roll dice and flip coins and make sentences using "yet," "already," and "just."

There are:
1) Printable "daily routine" cards
2) A worksheet for the game
3) two images of how the back of the cards look and how I made the "a.m/p.m" coins

You will need: 10 or more dice (you can get them at the 100 yen store), coins (I bought fake wooden coins from the 100 yen store), the cards (glued to construction paper so they are not see-through and numbered 1~12 on the back), the worksheet

1) The students will get into groups (the more groups, the better, so that they can get their turns faster). Each group gets two dice, one am/pm coin, and a deck of cards. They will each have their own worksheet.

2) They will lay the cards out in the middle of the table, face-down (the numbers are showing).

3) Whoever goes first (by winning janken or something), will roll the dice - that number is their time, which they will write in the time slot. Next, they will flip the am/pm coin.

4) They will write that time down and then roll the dice one more time - that roll is the "daily routine" card AND points that they will get (the number on the card is the points).

5) They should think of their own daily routine, and depending on the time which they rolled, will say out-loud and write a sentence using "yet" "already" or "just."

6) They will pass the dice and coin to the next person and it will go around the group. That is why smaller groups are better, so they can have time to make more sentences.

7) At the end, they will count up their points and find the winner!

-My students really enjoyed it! But I wish I had more than 5 groups, so I will get more dice and make more coins. That is my suggestion!
- I have ONE problem! They can NEVER roll a 1 when they use two dice, so the 1 card and 1:00 time are unusable T~T If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix that issue, please let me know!!

Submitted by Celestar129 June 2, 2023 Estimated time: 25-50 minutes (depends on when you want to stop)
  1. ALT X June 23, 2023

    My JTE asked for a review of Here We Go! Unit 3 Present Perfect. This activity worked perfectly. The students had fun and got to practice/review all three yet, already, & just.

    I didn't use dice or coins but made a Flippity for it. Sharing the link to it. Hope it helps.

  2. onighost June 28, 2023

    One way to solve the two dice problem is to just use a D12, you can pick up a pack of cheap ones from Amazon if you search for 12 sided dice.

  3. Angela August 26, 2023

    Thanks for this!!! You saved me! My JTE wanted a review activity exactly for using these words.

  4. Grace Quinsaat May 31, 2024

    Thank you for sharing this acitvity. One way to solve the two dice problem is to use the wheel of names random picker.
    For the points, I wrote it on the activity cards. I gave 2, 3 and 5 points randomly.My students had fun.

  5. RamenKeebler June 7, 2024

    I loved trying to use this game. Unfortunately, my JTE wanted so much of it changed that I want to try it again closer to its original form. Still extremely helpful in getting them using target grammar using their daily routine. Thanks for sharing!

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