Requires the teacher to use dice.

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • What ~ Do You Like Dice Game

    Students roll dice and take turns asking what they all like in relation to the corresponding dice side

  • pg 84 NHG1 Expressions for Holidays and Birthdays

    This is a board game and review PPT for expressions used on holidays and birthdays.

  • Who That Which Review Board Game

    A simple review for 3rd graders where they answer questions on a board game

  • Just Do it Board Game

    A simple board game that could be enjoyed by 1st graders

  • Board Game 1nen Plural verbs

    Sugoroku type game, to practice Present Simple. It included "when". 2-4 or 6 students can play. Dice can be digital from tablets one per group. There are many online dice sites.

  • Days of the Week Board Game

    Just a really simple board game to review the days of the week.

  • He/She His/Her Character

    Student practice using the pronouns He/She and His/Her along with simple adjectives to draw a randomised character.

  • Snakes and Ladders - Grammar

    A game Snakes and Ladders to practice grammar and reading/answering questions

  • Who/What/When/Where/How

    A lesson to review the various 'Wh' words including 'How'.

  • How are you? Sugoroku

    Play a Super Smash Bro sugoroku (board game) while practicing How are you? and feelings.

  • Sugoroku Board Games ES 4,5,6

    4 Sugoroku boards for Jobs, Foods, Ingredients, and Daily Routines.

  • English Board Game- Special Needs/Grade 1 Unit 1-2

    A board game focusing on Unit 1-2 key sentences and greetings. Great for special needs.

  • "May I ~?" / "Could you ~?" questions

    May I ~? / Could you ~? practice for New Horizons - Let‘s talk 2

  • 1-20 Snakes and Ladders

    Elementary grades snake and ladder game from numbers 1 to 20. Game board is designed to fit B4 size paper - can be resized in the print menu to fit other formats.

  • BattleBots! (Ver 1.3)

    Mecha review Building/Battle Game

  • Gotta Compare 'Em All! POKEMON!!!

    In groups, students collect and compare Pokemon cards, while also practicing other comparatives, to build the best Pokemon deck.

  • Can you ____? Yes, I can./No, I can't.

    A board game to practice the response: Yes, I can./No, I can't.

  • Splatoon Fest!

    Paint the town your colour to win!

  • I Can board game

    A flexible board game for practicing "I can ~" grammar.

  • Map Exploring Game

    A board game used to practice directions.

  • Vocabulary board game

    We can use this as a year review for grades one-three or just for a vocabulary review. This game has names of colors, shapes, numbers, body parts, animals, fruits and vegetables.

  • Grade 6 Year Review - Snake and Ladder Game

    Students will review all the lessons in their textbook through snake and ladder game.

  • What do you see? Picture Quiz!

    New Horizon Year 1 There is/ Is there..? activity. Brief PowerPoint introduction, and writing worksheet with a quiz game.

  • Elementary Year 3 Minecraft Board Game

    A simple minecraft board game using the language from the textbooks

  • JHS Year 2 Board Game

    A simple dice rolling board game containing questions from the new horizons text book

  • Yokai Feud

    This is a row based battle game. It is useful if your class isn't allowed more traditional group or pair work. It is based on activities like Gang War and Battle for Japan.

  • Who is your hero? New Horizon 5 Unit 8

    Boardgame for 5th grade students.

  • Past Tense Board Game

    Board Game for Past Tense

  • Christmas Board Game

    Give and receive presents as you race to the goal. Each present adds to your score.

  • I know how to play dice!

    Students carry out directions written on cards for a chance to roll the dice and score points. A mix of chance and strategy, with lots of speaking!

  • Squid Game-themed Halloween activities

    This is still a work in progress. I'll keep updating as I finish the details of the activities

  • Second Conditional Sugoroku Board Game

    Dice based board game to practice the second conditional

  • Hearthclone - a Conditional Card Game

    For 2-6 players (per printout). Players read instruction rules on cards and execute their function.

  • Time Masters (A battle for Japan Clone)

    A race and speak or write and race game modeled on Battle for Japan

  • Snakes and Ladders

    Review of 1st semester for elementary students

  • Lucky Sentences

    Students roll dice to make sentences.

  • How's the weather today?

    Board game designed to be placed on an English board

  • Flags of the World Tour board game

    A flexible board game for practicing country names and travel-related grammar

  • Pokémon Sugoroku Review Game

    A PowerPoint sugoroku game where you go across the map collecting points. The team with the most points is the winner!

  • Top 5 activities

  • Christmas Board Game

    Give and receive presents as you race to the goal. Each present adds to your score.

  • Battle for Japan

    A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A3 Snakes and Ladders board with card sections for use as a review activity.

  • Hi, Friends 2! Review Board Game

    A bright and colorful boardgame that reviews the entirety of the Hi, Friends 2 textbook.

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