Requires the teacher to use dice.

  • Ghibli Suguroku Board

    Studio Ghibli inspired Suguroku board. Can be used for any grammar or review.

  • Mario Review Board Game

    A Mario cart themed board game to review various grammar points.

  • Roll the Dice Small Talk Review

    This is a warm up activity that can be used to review key sentences/questions/expressions that the students learned from the previous year. This is patterned after the New Horizon textbooks.

  • Mario Kart Quiz

    A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

  • Mario Study 5

    Mario Party style review game for 5th grade.

  • Ordering Food "What would you like?"

    Ordering food from restaurants game

  • Classroom Olympics

    I used this material for reviewing my 2nd year students after their JTE's taught them the concepts of Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • Review Game for Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is an activity which you may use for comparatives er - than,more - than, superlatives the - est, the most and as - as.

  • Doraemon vocab sugoroku

    Doraemon-themed sugoroku board covering basic vocab for Junior High special needs class

  • Minecraft sugoroku

    Minecraft-themed sugoroku game for reviewing frequency words and ordinal numbers with a special needs class

  • Snakes & Ladders Card Sets

    Pre-made card sets to go with the Snakes and Ladders games. 1年 & 2年 grammar points.

  • Year Review Sugoroku (ES)

    A group of Sugoroku board games to review the year's content for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Requires dice, and maybe counters (erasers work fine too)

  • ES 6th Gr Jinsei Game for the end of the Year

    It is for ES 6th graders. Many reviews from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Gr levels.

  • Tsum Tsum Past Tense Board Game

    Very simple board game to practice regular past tense (add -ed) verbs only.

  • Dice sentence activity

    Any tenses can be used. It is to practice forming sentences

  • Year-end or Graduation Board Game

    A year-end or graduation-themed board game for high schoolers to reflect on their school life.

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 7 (Shape Board game)

    This is a shape board game so students can practice saying and recognizing the shapes in the, Let's Try 1 textbook Unit 7 for Elementary.

  • School Events Sugoroku (NH5&6 U7)

    Students go in groups, roll a dice and say the word they land on. Made for 5th and 6th graders unit 7.

  • I want to be... (Jobs) Sugorokou (Doraemon-themed)

    Simple Doraemon themed sugoroku using various jobs and "I want to be a/an."

  • Super Snakes and Ladders!

    Super Mario themed Snakes and Ladders style board game!

  • World Tour (I want to.../Do you want to...?)

    Intended to be a [I want to/Do you want to...?] review for my special needs JHS students. This could be used for 5th grade NEW HORIZONS Unit6 review as well.

  • Christmas Race (board game)

    A pre-activity Kahoot, a slideshow with rules and instructions and a board game with templates and questions for senior high school students or advanced middle school students.

  • Drawing your own Snowman☃️🎲

    Students can create their own snowmen. This activity takes inspiration from a Halloween Game: create your monster using a die to create the different parts of a monster.

  • Verb Infinitive Board Game

    This fun little board game practices the Verb + Infinitive grammar in classic tabletop fashion. The game needs one die, cards and some counters.

  • Anime character Board Game

    A small group of players use dice and counters to go to the goal of a game. They practice reading names of famous Japanese people and things.

  • Board Games! (すごろく)

    Bunch of Board games I've made this year that could be useful if you're in a pinch!

  • XMAS Tree Boardgame 🎄

    Try to be the first one to reach the star on top of the 🎄 with this Christmas-themed boardgame template!

  • Connect Four 🟡🔴

    A great way to incorporate a classic game into a fun speaking activity where they have to say a sentence before they can drop the chip.

  • Where is the beef from? SUGOROKU

    A board game speaking activity to practice "Where is the ____ from?, The ____ is from ____."

  • Battle for Japan: Generalized version

    Capture as many prefectures as possible by getting the correct answers.

  • Colors Board Game (Sugoroku)

    A board game for 3rd grade ES Let's Try 1 or anyone teaching colors.

  • Ingredients Sugoroku (New Horizon 6 - Unit 6)

    ~ Have your students practice different ingredients using a simple game of Sugoroku ~

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 5 Snakes and Ladders

    A simple game I made for the kids to practice "I live in the ______. I eat _______."

  • Shapes and Colors Sugoroku

    Throw a dice and say the word you land on.

  • Race to the haunted mansion - Plural verbs

    This is a Halloween themed board game to practice plural verbs. All sentences have a verb in parenthesis which the students has to adjust to the correct form when reading it out loud.

  • lowercase alphabet suguroku (Halloween)

    For 4th to 6th grade and special needs classes

  • Trick or Treat Game

    Halloween bored game

  • Have To / Must Board Game

    Simple board game using Have to / Must and its negatives

  • Halloween Games and Activities

    Here is a set of six games you can play with your class. I am a SHS ALT at a low level high school so these games were made with that in mind.

  • Halloween Body Parts - Make a Monster

    Students learn english names for bodyparts and then draw a Halloween monster based on their dice rolls to practice association.

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