Doctor Roleplay (How long have you...?)

Situation: You are in another country and you are sick. Students will learn useful phrases for the doctor roleplay while practicing "How long have you...?" grammar point.

There is:
1) Powerpoint explanation/setup of the activity including practicing the new vocab.
2) Printable dialogue cards
3) Worksheet (no writing necessary. It's just for them to read from.)


1) Pass out the worksheet.

2) Using the powerpoint, explain the situation of the roleplay.

3) Read the dialogue on the powerpoint to the students. Ask them what they think each line of dialogue means (the powerpoint reveals the Japanese meaning)

4) Practice saying each line with the students in English.

5) Practice the new vocab (stomach ache, headache, runny nose, fever). First you will say it on the English slide and the students will repeat. Then you will move onto the Japanese slide and say it IN ENGLISH again, and the students will say it IN ENGLISH after you again. It's just to help them connect the meaning with the English word.

6) Pass out the dialogue cards. These cards have 3 things in Japanese: 1) the symptom 2) yes/no 3) a time phrase (for 2 days, since this morning, etc.) When doing the roleplay, they will say what is on their card (but in English of course) where the corresponding 1~3 numbers are in the dialogue on the worksheet.

7) Communiation rotation - The powerpoint has a visual explanation of it. One row of students is the doctor, one row is the patient and it alternates rows. They will talk to each other using the previously practiced diaogue. After saying the full dialogue, they will exchang dialogue cards and move down the row to the next person. (Only the patients will use the dialogue card though. Doctors will have one too, but they will not use them.)

8) After the full rotation, the rows will switch. So the patients become doctors and doctors become patients.

My JTE did this in my previous school and I made my own version. We used the Blue Sky textbook there, which had this dialogue. My new school uses New Horizons, but I will still use this activity because I think it's helpful for them to know and it practices the new grammar.

Submitted by Celestar129 June 13, 2023 Estimated time: 25~40 minutes

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