Conversation Skills

Practices basic skills about how to continue conversations.

There are a lot of different techniques for training students how to have conversations in English:

Connecting ideas and related topics together.

Using shorter words and phrases like "Well..." or "I see" or "Wow!"

Asking for clarification if you don't understand something, or explaining a word or idea to someone who isn't familiar with it.

  • Ordering Food

    Practice ordering food in pairs

  • Spoken English/Slang Quiz

    A powerpoint quiz for Junior or Senior High School students that tests them on English slang/spoken phrases. A fun way to teach spoken English that the students won't find in textbooks!

  • Let's Try 1 (Unit 8) - "What's This?" Quiz πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚πŸ’­

    What's This? πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ (Google Slides)

  • Slang Quiz: American/Internet/SNS Version

    This is a quiz made for end-of-year fun with my junior high school students. It introduces the idea of slang, why it is useful, the types of English slang, and of course, a quiz!

  • Valentine's Day Idiom Matching Game

    Match these common Valentine's Day-related idioms and phrases with their picture and definition.

  • Mario Party 3rd/4th Grade

    remake of the original for 3rd/4th grade

  • Dating Lottery Game

    This is made from New Horizons 2 page 115. It is about asking someone to an event.

  • ES 6th Gr Jinsei Game for the end of the Year

    It is for ES 6th graders. Many reviews from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Gr levels.

  • No Prep Speaking Activity - Zombie Game

    Need a last minute speaking activity that requires no prep? The zombie game encourages students to practice speaking using the most recent grammar points, win-win for everyone!

  • Have you ever...? Dynamite Game

    Practicing the question "Have you ever...?" students ask each other questions, hoping for a "Yes, I have" answer, otherwise they lose a dynamite when a student answers "No, I haven't".

  • Did you _____ yesterday? (NH1 Past Simple)

    Just a simple worksheet that practices the interrogative sentence asking about past events.

  • Year-end or Graduation Board Game

    A year-end or graduation-themed board game for high schoolers to reflect on their school life.

  • SHOPPING (Shall I...?) - NH2 P93 JHS

    Dialogue worksheet that can be used to roleplay a shopping scene. Target language - "Shall I show you a bigger one?"

  • Don't get yes SN

    A never have I never kind of game

  • Super Snakes and Ladders!

    Super Mario themed Snakes and Ladders style board game!

  • World Tour (I want to.../Do you want to...?)

    Intended to be a [I want to/Do you want to...?] review for my special needs JHS students. This could be used for 5th grade NEW HORIZONS Unit6 review as well.

  • Asking Directions + Collecting Signatures

    This is specific to NH1 P94. It is a simple pair activity with a worksheet to help students practice how to ask directions. The pair activity could also be used for practicing another grammar point.

  • Rosca de Reyes Game! 🚼

    This activity is inspired by a Mexican tradition called Rosca de Reyes, which I would always do with my family during the holidays. I turned that concept into a speaking PowerPoint game.

  • One Piece Squares

    A collection of activities for various units of the New Horizon books to be played on LOILO NOTE. Play the game "dots and boxes" and practice the unit in question.

  • Animal Crossing - Giving Directions Activity

    Printable villager cards, pre-made map, and build-your-own map materials for a "giving directions" speaking practice activity.


    How to use the conjunction BECAUSE

  • Where is it game (Where is~/Where are~)

    A criss cross variation activity where the class will answer the questions of the people(in the game) that they are helping. The questions will be read by the teacher. (Blue Sky 1 - Target 19)

  • Kobe JHS Speaking Challenge PPT. and Worksheet

    I made a powerpoint to explain how to do the speaking challenge that we all have to do in Kobe at the moment. Junior High Level

  • Snowball of Friendship

    A game to get students practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimal materials required.

  • 🌱 Let's make a parfaitπŸ¨γ€€4εΉ΄ What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th 🌈 Dive into an exciting world of learning with our specially crafted Scratch game! πŸš€ In this interactive experience, students team up to create delightful parfaits. πŸ¨πŸ‘«

  • Haikyuu Trading Cards

    SWBAT effectively make comparative and superlative sentences using trading cards.

  • Changing Trains! NH2 Let's Talk Activity

    My JTE asked me to create this activity for page 81 of the NH 2 textbook. She wanted me to use the train route from our prefecture instead of the one in the text. Feel free to try it out!

  • Why...because snap!

    Based of the Snap! card game. I used it as a warm-up for my JHS 1st grade students to practice why...because. It helps students practice reading, speaking and listening.

  • Relative Pronouns (that/which) Speaking Activity

    This is an activity where students can use relative pronouns naturally.

  • Clothes Shopping - Speaking Activity

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS οΌ’εΉ΄η”Ÿ Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.75 Shopping Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 5 Educaplay activities

    Fun ways to practice target language and vocabularies.

  • Learning Technology

    What kind of things can you do with a smartphone?

  • Friendship BINGO

    BINGO activity to practice speaking and listening.

  • Let's Try 1, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

    Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

  • NH Coursebook2 - Unit5 - I am sure that halloween

    worksheet for the I am sure that grammar point in unit 5 of the new horizon coursebook. Often my teachers want something specific that I make worksheets like this that use the grammar sentences.

  • NH3 U4 pg64 ~ Family Feud / 3εΉ΄η”Ÿγƒ•γ‚‘γ‚€γƒˆ

    I played this game with my third year class to get them used to speaking. It also helps with learning extra bits of vocab they might not usually use.

  • Do you + 3rd person activity

    S's ask each other questions and answer using the target grammar. Yes and No answers are circled, and the answering student writes their name. Write 3 sentences about partners to finish.

  • Small Talk Crisscross

    Do you want to engage your class and practice small talk? Use this version of crisscross for a great lesson starter.

  • The Gomi (Trash) Game

    This roleplay will: - develope students` abilities in speaking and listening, especially with the phrase `do you accept` - reinforce and practice existing vocabularly for household objects/trash

  • You Must Janken!

    A warmup activity where students get to command each other to do different actions if they win rock, paper, scissors. The goal of the activity is to practice the grammar, "must & mustn't"

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