Story Cards

Pairs of students listen to teacher read a bad and crazy fairytale. If they match, they win!

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  • Each pair of students gets a set of story cards. Flip to side with images up.
  • Go through each card and have the students guess the action. For lower level classes, have the students write the past tense of the words on the board.
  • Teacher tells a fairytale. Students listen and move the cards into the proper order.
  • For example: Cards A > B > C (Check the attachments while reading the instructions for clarity) "Once upon a time, the man slept. Then, he woke up. Then, he saw a tree. he cut the tree. The end."
  • Check as a group.
  • Play several times, with each story getting more and more complicated.
  • After a few rounds, give the students worksheets version A and B.
  • One student reads the story, makes up one from pictures, then comes up with one completely on his own.
  • At the end of the class, have the stronger students read their stories to the class.


  • Keep a set of cards in your hand and read them as you go.
  • This could also be used for past progressive tense as well.
  • Encourage students to make "crazy" stories. Instead of having the men in picture H fight, have them dance.
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