Past Simple

He visited Kyoto last month.

  • Verb Review: Cards, Quiz, Writing Challenge

    The below files include lessons and printable cards for a verb review matching game, a "guess the correct verb form" quiz, and a verb writing challenge!

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • JHS 1st Years Review Kahoot

    10 question Kahoot that reviews many topics from Sunshine 1's textbook

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • Creative Writing Instagram Template

    I used this template for Stage Activity 3 in New Horizon 2 pg.118, where they had to make an Instagram post about their favorite place in town.

  • Past Tense Kahoot Quiz

    A very simple Kahoot game that reviews the simple past tense. Can be used for junior high school grades 1-3 and up.

  • Pronunciation Heads and Tails

    Warm-up to check students' listening to vocabulary

  • My Strange Vacation

    A fun interview activity to practice past simple questions.

  • Sunshine 1 Kahoot warmup program 9 and 10

    2x kahoot links for reviews. 10-12 questions each. 1st grade JHS.

  • Past Simple Practice!

    This presentation reviews some common past simple verb forms and also introduces the question forms with the help of some practice sentences.

  • Verb Cards (Past Participle)

    3 cards (present tense, past tense, and past participle) for 12 different verbs. Can be used to play card games to practice past participles of verbs when teaching passive or present perfect tenses.

  • Past Tense with Doraemon

    This is a slideshow I made a while back, but my JTEs never got around to using it. I figured I'd contribute something to the site by uploading this. It's intended for junior high school first graders.

  • Review Jeopardy (Template)

    Here is a template for Jeopardy (that can be used on older laptops).

  • Black History Month Presentation

    A presentation about black history.

  • Sentence re-arranging

    Help students focus in on sentence structures and correct use of particles in this fun team game. Complete with power point extra game

  • Snoopy's Busy Week

    Inspired by "Englipedia Archive" busy month

  • Past Tense Kahoot

    New Horizons 2, Units 4 and 7 focus on the past tense. Please feel free to use this Kahoot as a warm-up or review activity with your students when studying the past tense.

  • Simple Past Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy game about Simple Past Tense, but with surprises. THIS IS FROM A GOOGLE DRIVE. I WILL POST THE LINK. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oQMjJzvG7MVNJKQFvuBd0q6AFJyDtYQKukqqBJJQilM/

  • Minecraft NH1 Review

    Review Units 5-7 after winter break for 1st years!

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Halloween Battle Royale

    A fun battle royale type of game for kids to do around Halloween time. Since JJK is very popular\known (at least in my schools), I decided to make a battle royale game.

  • What did they do last summer?

    Students guess what a character did over summer, with hints from the teacher, and asking questions in English to narrow it down after.

  • My Summer Vacation Postcard

    Students reflect on their summer vacation and create a postcard to "send" to the teacher about what they did.

  • Let’s replace a defective product.

    This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product”. It role-plays returning a defective or unwanted product to a shop.

  • What did you do for summer/winter vacation?

    In this activity, students write about what they did over summer or winter vacation using the past tense. Once they finish writing, they draw a picture of their vacation.

  • Sentence Arranging Game for JHS

    Sentence arranging game based on the last few chapters of New Crown 1. Not New Crown specific though.

  • Folded Stories

    Students use who what where and why to write a story.

  • One Piece Battleship

    A battleship game to help students practice speaking the target grammar point.

  • Detective Activity -- Bank Robber

    Past tense review activity with deductive team-based focus.

  • Past Tense 2 Truths and a Lie

    Review past tense and was/were through the game two truths and a lie

  • Writing a Postcard

    Writing a postcard about Winter Vacation! This is specfically for page 108 in the New Horizon 1 textbook.

  • I Was Eating Ice Cream in the Library

    A conversation activity where student try to guess which person their partner is using basic 'I was' statements.

  • Did You Play BINGO?

    Classroom BINGO game to practice the question 'Did you _______?' and past tense verbs.

  • Past Tense Board Game

    Board Game for Past Tense

  • Activities to practice memories of school events

    A few activities to review, introduce and practice the target language

  • Disney Dollars

    Exciting speaking game (adaptable to other grammar points)

  • Simple Verb cards

    Only text no pictures using simple verbs in present and past tense.

  • Reference Sheet for Past Tense Verbs

    A simple reference sheet made for ES 6th grade

  • Crazy Students (Simple Past)

    Matching students to description

  • Top 5 activities

  • A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

    Questions lists focused on various grammar points

  • Magic Quiz

    A family feud style quiz game

  • Battle for Japan

    A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Halloween Battle Royale

    A fun battle royale type of game for kids to do around Halloween time. Since JJK is very popular\known (at least in my schools), I decided to make a battle royale game.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

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