Here We Go 1 U1-U3P2 Vocabulary

Spreadsheet of vocabulary for Here We Go 1, from Unit1P1-Unit3P2. It can be used for vocabulary practice using quiz websites.

This is more of a resource, not an activity. I've been asked to create a summer hw vocab review for my students by my JTE so I've also made a spreadsheet to keep track of the Japanese to English translations dictated by the book. Here is a spreadsheet of all the vocabulary up until Unit3P2 from the Year 1 HWG textbook in alphabetical order. This can be used for any of the free quiz sites as a practice before midterms or for the students to practice with it on their own.

Some sites I use, and that some ALTs are likely familiar with:

you can upload this spreadsheet as a cvs and import the desired descriptions. At the moment, I plan to use blooket to create a first semester vocab review assignment for my kids.

Not too sure if this can be added to Altopedia, but since I made it I want it to get some more use. Please let me know if this helped.

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