Last Lesson Ideas

Ideas for the last class; either the last class of the year (April) or their last with you as an ALT (July). These are just a few ideas to get you started if you are unsure about what to do.

  1. Write a letter to the incoming ALT. This one is best for if you are leaving. You can make a fill in the blanks letter for lower level classes, or show a model of a self-introduction letter but leave all the writing to them. You could run to daiso and splash out on some cute paper, or you might prefer them to do it in their books. It's a nice way to transition, helps the incoming ALT with their orientation once you're gone, and is also great for writing skills!

  2. Snowball Quiz! This game is quite messy and chaotic, so it is perfect as a last day memory maker! You can do a quiz on anything you like; it could be a jeopardy-style grammar review, a review of all the events you've done that year, or a "Mr and Mrs" style "How well do you know your ALT?" quiz. Split the class into teams and give them a stack of scrap paper. For each question, get them to write their team name and answer of the paper, scrunch it into a ball, and throw it into an empty bin/trash can at the front of the class. If they get the correct answer and its in the bin, they get two points. If it is correct but didn't make it, they get one point. Incorrect, in or out of the bin, zero points.

  3. Memory lane. This could be a slideshow with photos from class if you have those, or maybe you might want each kid to write their favourite memory down in a scrapbook.

  4. Feedback time. Particularly with older classes who are able to articulate their learning needs, you may want to ask them for some honest feedback that you can bear in mind for the next year.

Submitted by phoebefay July 12, 2023 Estimated time: 50 Minutes/ The whole lesson

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