Do You Have A Game To Play?

A simple guessing game that has students asking the target grammar in its question form and writing it as a statement.

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Originally submitted by Brenton Gettmann on Dec 01, 2011.


  • Pass out the activity sheets. Repeat each "Do you have ________?" sentence on the activity sheet and have students tell you an appropriate verb for each sentence, and then have the whole class fill in the same verb and repeat the sentence. After you have gone through all of the sentences and filled in each appropriate verb, you can do a demo.
  • This is a simple guessing game, so select one of the boxes as your answer by checking a box and have your partner do the same. (This answer should obviously be kept a secret)
  • Janken with a partner. The winner can ask a "Do you have ________?" question to their partner. If they correctly ask their partner the question that their partner selected on their sheet, their partner says, "Yes, I do," and the winner writes that sentence on their paper. This sentence equals one point.
  • The losing student then chooses a new box as their answer and play continues. You can also have students change partners after one of them discovers the other's answer.
  • If they are wrong, continue the rotation until they have guessed their partner's answer.
  • Finish the game whenever you like and ask students how many points they got.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive April 12, 2019 Estimated time: 15-20 min

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