World Festivals

A powerpoint presentation and worksheet on popular World Festivals.

This lesson was inspired by ThatOneALT's "Festivals" lesson. Additionally, the "Create Your Own Festival" was inspired by the British Council's Festivals Activity found at:

5 Minutes: Warm - Up. Ask your student what there favorite festival is and why

10 Minutes: Vocabulary. Utilize pictures to explain vocabulary to students. You can also differentiate between common noun/ verb/ adjective forms. I.E. Celebrate is a verb for the noun celebration. Religious is an adjective for the noun religion. Ect.

20 Minutes: Matching activity. Present world festival PPT to students and talk about country origin/ festival origin/ when it is. Utilize the notes on the powerpoint, as needed. While speaking, students will listen and read the powerpoint. Then, they will match the correct festival to the description.

10 - 15 Minutes: Pair up students. Allow them to create their own festival. Their festival must include a 1) name, 2) date, 3) location, 4) reason why it is celebrated (Ex. Sunflower Festival celebrates flowers/ the end of summer), 5) what happens (Ex. fireworks, parades, dancing, traditional clothing), and 6) if there is any special food/ drinks.

If you are running quick on time, allow your students to walk around and share their festivals with one another.
Student A: What is your festival?
Student B: My festival is...

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