Halloween Trivia Game - Video listening practice

A Halloween themed game where students choose a number to a corresponding question. Some trivia questions, and several video clips.

Lesson flow

  1. Quick review of Halloween as a Western holiday. Simple warm ups can be done here, such as "tell your partner your favorite monster" or "what would you like to cosplay as on Halloween?"

  2. Split class into groups. Group size doesnt matter too much, as every group answers each question. Hand out whiteboards or whatever you use to allow answers to be submitted.

How to play:
1. One group at a time chooses a question.

  1. Set a timer. About 45sec is usually good, as the clips are about 45 seconds - together, plus time for students to pick questions etc, there are enough questions to fill 50 minutes.

  2. Every group answers. Correct answers earn one point for that team.

3a. There are a few bonus chance slides, where students choose one tombstone to open. These only apply to the team who chose the question.

3b. I designed the slides such that the question and answers are not revealed, but are revealed upon click/next slide. They can be revealed before or after playing the video and the videos can be played multiple times. This means you can change the order depending on your class's level. For less advanced classes, click to reveal the questions and answers before, so they can identify what theyre listening for. For a more advanced class, consider playing the video first, then revealing the question/answers. You can do any mix of these (eg Play the video, reveal the question, play the video again, reveal the answers). Play around with the order to find what suits your students.

  1. When time is up or all questions are finished, the team with the most points wins.
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    Submitted by mazracette October 19, 2023 Estimated time: 40-50min
    1. Metapod October 20, 2023

      This sounds so interesting, unfortunately at 200 Mbs i wont be able to download it due to the file restrictions for non-subscribers. Could you look at maybe uploading the ppt without the videos and then upload the videos individually? non subs can only look at files less than 40 MBs

    2. jasonX October 21, 2023

      Same here, could you upload in to Google drive or so?

    3. ashtoneleanorjp October 23, 2023

      Same here!

    4. lsuna October 26, 2023

      same here

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