Halloween Bingo Remix

Halloween bingo with a twist!

This is a Halloween bingo game with a twist!

For bigger classes, I recommend putting students into pairs, but smaller classes do not need to be in pairs.

Instead of you calling out bingo squares, students will come up to the smartboard and choose a box to open. The box will reveal a picture of a Halloween object. Students then must match the pictures to the words on their bingo cards. There are also a few other boxes with different prompts. BUT the point of this bingo game is to be the LAST one to get bingo. The last pair or student to get bingo wins.

I have uploaded the powerpoint I used to give descriptions of the vocab used in the game as well as the directions.

I also attached a document with a list of Halloween objects that you can use to create the bingo cards. In the document, I also included a link to the website I used to create the bingo cards, a link to the Halloween Bingo Remix Board, and a link to the template I used to create the presentation. The links are below as well.

Link to create bingo cards (up to 30 for free):

Link to Halloween Bingo Remix board:

Link to presentation template:

Small files
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    Submitted by 99probstogive October 26, 2023 Estimated time: 30-40 minutes (depending on class size)

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