Guess the monster! Halloween game

This is a fun activity for Halloween that I used with my JHS 1st years. Each student will be randomly assigned a halloween creature. They have to figure out who is what using the information given.


The students each recieve a card with information about what they are, their likes, dislikes, favorite color, and a fun fact. They must keep this card hidden from everyone else. The students will be tasked with collecting a set of 8 monsters not including themselves. They can walk around the classroom and ask questions.


Print out as many copies of the attached worksheet as needed.
Print out the attached halloween cards. There are 8 cards in total, so you will need multiple copies. I recommend using one for reference purposes. I put one on the board.
Laminate the cards and cut them out. (except for the reference one, if using)

I rewarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person to collect a set of 8 classmates with Halloween-themed stickers. I also called out chances for other students to recieve stickers. For example, I might say "the first vampire to come here gets a sticker." At the end of the activity, I gave everyone a smaller sticker as they tried their best. You can choose whatever reward system fits your class and your resources.

1. Pass out the worksheet. Check if they understand the questions, phrases,and words on the worksheet.
2. Demonstrate with the JTE or a student.
For example:
ALT: What is your favorite color?
JTE: My favorite color is red.
ALT: Do you like brains?
JTE: Yes, I do.
ALT: Are you the zombie?
JTE: Yes, I am.
3. Pass out randomized cards and instruct the students to hide them.
4. Let them walk around and talk to each other. Once they have a set of 8 creatures, they can show the ALT.

Of course, feel free to repurpose these cards for a different activity! These detailed directions are just to make it easier to picture.

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  • Halloween Monsters Worksheet.pdf (865 KB)
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  • Halloween game cards.pdf (9.08 MB)
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    Submitted by Lasha October 26, 2023 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes
    1. himitsunosky November 1, 2023

      Thanks for this! To introduce the activity I asked my students if they knew what these monsters were called in Japanese, but for a few of them they knew the English word already! They really enjoyed it.

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