Christmas in the USA

Presentation about Christmas in the USA

Here is a simple presentation I made about Christmas in the US! Nothing flashy, just point to pictures and introduce vocabulary. According to a USA Today poll, Harry Potter is considered a Christmas Movie in the US. The last slide with the picture of Rockefellar Center was included because I'm from New York, but it can still be worked into class to talk about the huge christmas tree we pick out every year. Happy Holidays!

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    Submitted by allisonsenseikyotoshi October 27, 2023 Estimated time: Depends on how much you want to elaborate on concepts it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30.
    1. Gaijingaiden October 30, 2023

      Since we Americans almost never use USA, maybe it would be better to switch it to America.

    2. Beestonian October 31, 2023

      What about non - U.S Americans?

    3. AVGKF October 31, 2023

      US Americans SHOULD say USA because the USA is not America and America is not the USA. I think this is something that needs to be promoted more in Japanese English classes. So I dont think any change is necessary.

    4. Gaijingaiden November 1, 2023

      The United States does not subscribe to the six continents model. So other people in North and South America are "peoples of the Americas", but only those from US are Americans. It may work differently in Spanish, but that's how it works in English.

    5. Cityfan November 2, 2023

      Both are fine in my opinion, and certainly I cant see any objection to using U.S.A in this case. Equally its common in English use America to refer to the USA.

    6. MC007 November 6, 2023

      I don't know. I seem to hear the chant of "USA!USA!..." at many American sporting events.

    7. Thysess December 6, 2023

      We Americans DEFINITELY say USA lol. USA, US, America... all interchangeable to me

    8. altsensei96 December 15, 2023

      Yeah, I'm with the others. USA is pretty common just depends a bit on the situation, I think.

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