Slap Japan! (Slap Jack)

A card game to practice saying days of the month (ordinal numbers). It works like Slap Jack.

I was asked to make activities to help students review dates in English.


1) Printable cards -> (1日~31日) x 2 : there are two of each card. 日本 cards. You can choose how many 日本 cards you want your deck to have. Since there's 62 total cards, maybe 4 or 5 日本 cards would be more challenging.

-If you have a large class, you will need to make around 6 decks (6 groups). The document is aligned so that you can print front and back (8 pages in total). If you like, you can laminate and cut them. Or if you want to make less cards per deck, you can just have 1~31, not 2 of each.

2) Visual instructions Powerpoint -> explanation of how the game works with my drawings.
Google File Link:

3) Hint Sheet -> handout with all of the days in English. Only one per group is enough and keeps the desks clean for the game.


1) Introduce the instructions powerpoint. Maybe it will be difficult for them to understand at first, if they haven't played slap Jack. Your JTE can help translate.

2) Have students make 6 groups and put their desks together. They should clear their desks.

3) Have all of the students in the class gather around and watch you demonstrate with a random group. Once they understand, have them all go back to their seats and START! <- It's probably more helpful than the instruction powerpoint.

4) The instructions for how to play Slap Jack are on the powerpoint, but you can also find them online if you need it!

Basically, instead of Jack, it's Japan! I chose it because it also has the 日 kanji and Slap Japan sounded kinda catchy I guess.

Small files
  • days - dates Hint Sheet.docx (14.4 KB)
  • Slap Japan.pptx (538 KB)
  • Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Slap Japan! Instructions.pptx (80.8 MB)
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