Snake Game - 4年Unit4 (ES)

Worksheet for a pairs janken racing game to review/practice vocabulary. Theme: times of the day

How to play:

-Give one worksheet to a pair of students.
-One student starts at the head, the other starts from the tail.
-Students say the vocabulary word on each space simultaneously as they both try to get to the other side.
-When students land on the same space, janken.
-Winner continues to the next space, loser goes back to their starting space. When they meet again, janken.
-Game ends when one student reaches the opposite end of the snake from where they started.


-The easiest way to explain the game is by demonstrating with the JTE (with the worksheet on the TV)
-Print worksheet double sided (when available) so students have another variety and the game can last longer
-Have students play with others around them for new competition (after a few rounds with their original partner)
-Have students try with the worksheet upside down so they start at the opposite end as before
-Have students turn in the worksheet at the end of class so you can use them in the future

Who doesn't love drilling vocab while playing janken?!?!

(partially inspired by old Englipedia game called Bridge/Snake Line/Janken Line)

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 4年Unit4SnakeGame.pptx (1.07 MB)
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    Submitted by melaniesensei January 25, 2024 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
    1. TuxedoNeko June 13, 2024

      This is a really simple game and at first I thought it would be too short but since my students are highly motivated, they ate it up. Thank you for this game. Also I prefer the derpy dot eye to the evil snake eye lol

    2. jxjan June 24, 2024

      Thank you. This is wonderful.

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