Let's Try 2 Unit 6 Alphabet Final Activity

I tried to make a fun and interesting activity to end unit 6 for Let's Try 2.

I thought the final activity in Let's Try 2 Unit 6 was a little meh (the color one, activity two) so I wanted to be something a little more engaging and relevant to their prior knowledge.
This activity has them choose between six places: restaurant, ice cream shop, bookstore, flower shop, game center and bakery, and then create their own place from those.
They write their name and then the place
For example: Haruto's ice cream shop. Then there is a blank shop image that they can color in and decorate.

One they are finished they can work in pairs to guess what the other person drew (based on activity one on page 25).
For example: "Do you have a b?" Yes I do. "Do you have a o?" No I don't. "Bakery?" Yes!

It's not perfect but I thought it was a little more fun than the last activity!

Submitted by cascadiatoosaka January 26, 2024 Estimated time: 20 minutes

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