Students practice the English alphabet in the activity.

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters, all of which have an uppercase (大文字, oumoji) and lowercase (小文字 komoji) form.

Teaching the alphabet is crucial to begin teaching students how to read in English.

Students often mix up lowercase "b" and "d," so keep that in mind. The pronunciation of the letter "v" is difficult for Japanese students to distinguish from "b."

  • ABC Quiz

    ELEM/JHS quiz on common writing mistakes

  • 🐍 Snake Game (10+ PDFs!)

    Snake game boards for Elementary school based on the Let's Try and New Horizons textbooks. Enjoy!

  • Connect Four ABC123 🟡🔴

    A great way for students to practice and review alphabets and numbers by playing Connect 4. Can be played in ES, JHS, and special needs. This can also be used as a warmup too.

  • Pac-Man Word Guess

    Students try to guess all the letters in a word before Pac-Man is eaten by the ghosts.

  • Months Writing and Board Game

    Writing practice and snakes and ladder board game to familiarize the months

  • ES Karuta Cards Masterpost (1st to 4th grade)

    Karuta cards for elementary school or special needs. Can be used as a fun way to review vocab.

  • ABC Writing Practice (Kindergarten)

    These are B5 worksheets for kindergarten or young elementary students to practice writing the alphabet.

  • Jeopardy Game

    Jeopardy Game

  • Battleship ABCDE&FGHIJ

    A pair game in which players secretly select 10 "ships" (single squares actually) and try to guess/sink the other players "ships".

  • L & R Phonics Worksheet

    Easy worksheet to practice L and R sounds and some writing

  • Spy x Family: Code breaker worksheet

    Here is a quick Spy Family themed code breaker worksheet I made to review adjectives(added other words to stay on theme). You can use this to supplement a lesson on adjectives or as a filler.

  • Word Search Generator

    Make your own word search in minutes!

  • Phonics Quiz

    NH1 Unit 0 - Phonics Quiz

  • Class Subjects Blooket Review

    Review for Unit 1: Blue Sky Grade 5. Focuses on subjects in school as well as lowercase letters.

  • NEW New Horizon 5th Gr Unit 2 Worksheet

    Its for the NEW New Horizon Textbook, UNIT 2 Starting out page 18 and 19.

  • Phonics Review (+LessonPlan)

    Review of phonics for students and classes who are still struggling with sounds and letters. Includes a quick review and worksheet with games.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 9 Rearrange the story sentences

    Students rearrange sentences of the story in order in groups.

  • Lower Case Spot It game

    Spot It game for lowercase alphabet practice.

  • Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

    Some simple alphabet tracing worksheets.

  • "What's this?" Alphabet Phonics Quiz

    Quiz that asks students to guess the answer based on the letter it starts with. Best for warm ups with younger students.

  • Alphabet practice with へのへのもへじ

    Inspired by JackyKillian1701's Alphabet Henohenomoheji activity!

  • Handwriting Practice Sheets

    Handwriting practice for all the letters of the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year, plus some extra space for practice and an example of dialogue or vocabulary from a textbook.

  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    My students have a difficult time spelling words and don't understand what I mean when I try to use phonetic words, so this introduces them to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

  • Romaji "Cheat Sheet" Posters

    Cheat sheets to aid your students with romaji & other points.

  • Paper Mario Quiz Battle

    A review activity where two teams take turn answering questions, reducing their opponents health until they defeat the other team

  • Bomb Review Game (3rd Grade Review)

    Bomb game for my incoming 4th graders, intended to review 3rd grade materials. Can be used for both grades depending on your class.

  • ABC Poster

    Poster for classroom or English board featuring upper and lower case letters.

  • Alpha-trace BIG to small & vice versa

    Three work sheets aimed at new learners of English letters.

  • Word Search AAAA, BBBB etc

    Fairly simple word searches that help learners become more familiar with the English alphabet.

  • Rock, scissors, paper : 1,2,3 game(s)

    Pairs or teams take turns to go from the start to the goal. Winners go forward one circle per win. Try to say the contents of the circle in English.

  • Alphabet Worksheets (K-Z)

    The rest of the worksheets that I uploaded last year are finally here!

  • 6th grade New Horizons Final Test

    a quick final and script to check what students have learned at the end of the semester

  • Connect Three Year-End Review Games for ES

    Boardgame Designs to review, let students practice speaking English Vocabulary: Colors, Numbers 1-20, Weather, Fruits, Sports, Shapes, Animals. Same Mechanics as the original Connect Four Boardgame.

  • Writing the alphabet for Japanese students

    Works sheets in which students write or trace the letters of the English alphabet. Includes a "romaji" version too. This is aimed for elementary school students.

  • Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 KAHOOT

    A Kahoot review game for Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 with a BONUS section of one question each from all previous units.

  • Slangs in North America! (modified ver.)

    slightly modified slang/SNS quiz made by janeenmp

  • Leveled Up Karuta

    Karuta game that gives Ss a chance to perform both sides of any TL/frees up teachers to provide support for less abled Ss.

  • Alphabet Quiz Challenge

    17 question quiz centering around the alphabet. Spot the mistake, count the given letter, etc.

  • Long vowel explanations/ examples handout

    A quick reference guide for students to remember the basic vowel teams, where they can be used, and how they are pronounced.

  • 4th gr This is my day - Make your own story

    Instead of using the very limited cards and just decide the time schedule of your story, the student get a wider field of view, they get freedom to tell the story from their own creativity.

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