Students practice the English alphabet in the activity.

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters, all of which have an uppercase (大文字, oumoji) and lowercase (小文字 komoji) form.

Teaching the alphabet is crucial to begin teaching students how to read in English.

Students often mix up lowercase "b" and "d," so keep that in mind. The pronunciation of the letter "v" is difficult for Japanese students to distinguish from "b."

  • Handwriting Reading Challenge

    Rather than challenging the content of the words, see if your students can decipher different types of handwriting!

  • English Games for Extra Time

    Do you need some games you can whip out a moment' notice? Are you unexpectedly covering a class? Is your English teacher running late? Here are some no prep games you can play with many levels!

  • Intentional Mistakes (Let's Try 1 Unit 6)

    Students learn about the difference between capital and lowercase letters by using their own names and the names of their teachers and classmates.

  • 6nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points throughout Elementary School English lessons.

  • Typhoon - Let's Try 2 Yearly Review

    A powerpoint version of the classic Typhoon game for Let's Try 2.

  • Doraemon Review Quiz

    18 Question review quiz with Doraemon characters. Behind each door is a character or gadget. The goal is to find Nobita and friends.

  • Mario Mystery Box

    geared for 4th grade

  • Zodiac Animals Word Search

    A quick word search based on the final chapter of Let's Try 1!

  • Animals A to Zed (trace/color in)

    Some worksheets that have a list of "animals" from A to Z with spaces to either trace or draw.

  • ABC Scavenger Hunt

    Students search for the alphabet!

  • Mario Mystery Box Review Quiz G3/G4 ES

    Mario themed mystery box end of year review quiz for grade 3 or 4 ES.

  • Review 5th grade by a board game

    Let your 5th graders enjoy this game and practice language they were exposed to during the year.

  • Treasure Hunt

    A One Piece themed coded PPT review game for teams.

  • SPOT IT (for capital letters)

    A group game to help learn and practice what the big letters of the alphabet look like.

  • Word Search for Food (lower/upper case)

    A word search which involves writing lower case words into upper case words and then finding them in a puzzle.

  • Alphabet Monster

    Students draw a monster using the alphabet.

  • Spot it/Dobble (lower case letters and some words)

    Pairs or groups turn over 2 cards at a time and whoever says/points to the common letter "wins" those cards.

  • Typhoon - Let's Try 1 Yearly Review

    A powerpoint version of the classic Typhoon game for Let's Try 1.

  • Stop!

    Fun activity to practice any grammar point.

  • Sounds and Letters Ball Toss

    A super simple activity in which you choose a letter and have students say as many words starting with that letter as possible.

  • Alphabet Flashcards

    Alphabet FC for Grade 4-6th , Textbook New Horizon

  • Alphabet Dobble

    Alphabet Dobble card set (known as Spot It in the US)

  • ABC Mania

    A simple search-and-click game that practices the alphabetical order.

  • English Sugoroku 4th Grade Review

    Review Board Game for 4th grade

  • Eigo Wordle

    A Wordle clone geared toward JHS students

  • Lower Case Writing Practice

    Lower case writing worksheets

  • Phonics Maze

    Guide students through a maze using phonics.

  • Capital Writing Practice

    Capital Writing practice broken down into 5 sections

  • Character ABC

    Practice the alphabet with different characters

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Let's Try 2 (4th grade)

    Another batch of kahoot quizzes to see how well your elementary 4th grade students are retaining vocabulary!

  • Coded Hangman Alternatives

    9 Japan-friendly hangman designs! Type your own or get a random word to play. Guessed letters will automatically be revealed in the correct positions.

  • Blank <4> lines

    Not so much an activity...more of an aid for lessons that involve writing

  • Phonics Long Aa Short Aa

    Reading practice for Long Aa Short Aa pronunciation

  • Jeopardy Game for 3-4 Grader

    General Knowledge Quiz

  • Memory Game/ for simple words + mistakes

    A card game that requires players to correctly match a pair of cards and avoid distracting cards with similiar but wrong spellings.

  • 5th grade 2nd Term review BOARD GAME

    A board game that lets the 5th graders review 2nd term language from English classes

  • Who`s that pokemon ABC shadow version

    Alphabet Pokémon guessing game.

  • Christmas Quiz

    Students try to unscramble the letters to spell the correct word after reading a short hint

  • Let's Try 2 - Jeopardy (Unit 5-7)

    A Jeopardy game for the end of Semester 2.

  • Spelling Race Game

    Two students race to select a card spelled by the teacher.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Hidden Alphabet Search

    A compilation of images with the letters of the alphabet hidden in them.

  • Way Home - Typing Challenge

    Use a keyboard to type a bridge to safety.

  • ABC Mania

    A simple search-and-click game that practices the alphabetical order.

  • Phonics Survival Game - Fall Guys theme

    A sort of last one standing, choose the correct answer game the whole class can play.

  • ABC Race! Online Game

    An online game where you see how fast you can click on the letters A through Z in order.

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