Valentine's Day Card Puns

Valentine's Day cards with an easy to understand pun.

This is a simple, relaxing activity for Valentine's Day. I made these designs in Canva last year. The document can just be printed out as is and folded in half to make a card. Students then write their message and colour in the picture.

I encouraged students to give their cards to someone they appreciated in their life. Teachers, friends, family members and even pets. Once they were finished, they could give the cards to that person.

Depending on your students' level, you can give them a message template to copy or let them write their own message.

I've also included a blank template if students want to draw their own picture and find their own pun.

Submitted by ashtoneleanorjp February 8, 2024 Estimated time:
  1. tami101 February 9, 2024


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