Hello, this is Yun-ho. Talking on the phone.

Used with New Horizon 1 page 72. Practices phone conversations.

Should be used in conjunction with New Horizon 1, pg 72, although it could be a stand alone exercise after per-teaching the vocabulary. Students write an original dialogue individually in the empty lines in the top right box. The class then puts their tables together in lines, so that there are 3 lines of desks pushed together. The teacher then determines if the girls or boys will stand up and move down one place after each pair reads the dialogue with each other. While reading the dialogues, they write the details of each others dialogues in the bottom box. Although the bottom box has 6 sections, I find that using 4 or 5 is usually enough.

Submitted by kentstray June 22, 2018 Estimated time: 15 mins

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