小3年 In the Autumn Forest Picture Book

Full Book from Let's Try! 3

I found the full picture book of In the Autumn Forest on Amazon and bought it. Uploading the powerpoint version here, so please feel free to use it! It's got several more animals than the textbook version and it introduces more adjectives, too.

Here's a link to the Google Slides version

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  • In the Autumn Forest.pptx (84.3 MB)
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    Submitted by ohnoko February 27, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. tanroel44 February 29, 2024

      I can't download, it's too big do you have 3rd grade ajectives only?

    2. ohnoko February 29, 2024

      Sorry it's not a list of the adjectives, it's a picture book I put into a powerpoint. The adjectives/descriptors in the book include colors, shapes, big, small, long, short, shiny, cute, scary. It also goes through more body parts than the cut version in the Let's Try textbooks

    3. Mullberry March 1, 2024

      AH! This is WAY better! And it even useing the body parts! Why did they cut that part out?!?! Thank you!

    4. redshirt March 1, 2024

      Is it possible to share on google slides?

    5. ohnoko March 4, 2024

      @redshirt it should open and work in google slides! I tried downloading it on my school chromebook and it seems ok, but let me know if it doesn't work for you. I'll see if I can fix it.

    6. yukiyuki3094 March 5, 2024

      ahh... for premium subscribers only.. okeydokey..

    7. redshirt March 6, 2024

      @ohnoko oh, I meant for downloading. I don't have a premium account.

    8. ohnoko March 6, 2024

      @redshirt @yukiyuki3094 I added a google slides link. :) Please let me know if it doesn't work!!

    9. redshirt March 8, 2024

      @ahnoko It works. Cheers!

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