Easter Presentation

Goes over the story of Easter: why its called "Easter," why eggs, why rabbits, and why Christ? Appropriate for all grade levels.

I made this presentation for elementary schoolers for an Easter Event bring run at the local community center. I revamped it to be a standard class presentation for elementary and middle school students. It might be a little simple for High School, but the English can be changed to be more complex, and the Japanese can be removed to add difficulty.

The slides necessary for the original event are still in the slide, but are Hidden. In that original event there was a Secret Message worksheet which I will also include here. If you want to use the Secret Message version, just un-Hide the slides in the presentation related to the secret message.

Small files
  • Word Scramble Puzzle Easter.pdf (358 KB)
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  • Easter.pptx (20.9 MB)
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    Submitted by LTOkuizumo March 15, 2024 Estimated time: 10 minutes
    1. ChetBorneo March 19, 2024

      This is very well done!

      I'm a little disappointed there was no zombie Jesus though :D

    2. ChibiGojira March 19, 2024

      Most of the information in this is highly suspect, but the PowerPoint itself looks terrific!

    3. unoplusunoistu March 19, 2024

      I learnt so much from this PPT! Love the animations.

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