Vacation to Castaway Island!

A fun multimodal game for adjectival infinitives. Using magents and the element of surprise, the students practice 'I have ~~ to ~~' by playing rock, paper, scissors to survive Castaway Island.

Practice for adjectival infinitives, specifically ‘I have ~~ to ~~, i.e. 'I have a soccer ball to play soccer.’ For 2年生.

**Note: This takes some prep time! It is a multimodal presentation, so print out the papers you need and feel free to laminate the materials if you want to save for later use!

  1. Print out the items sheet. You will need two copies, one to cut out the items and apply magnets to and one fully intact as a reference guide during game time. Any size paper is okay.
  2. Cut out the items (laminate if you like) and then apply adhesive magnets to the back of the cutouts. Leave the other copy as is.
  3. Note: Arrive to class a bit early to set up the board. Place the full copies of the items list on the board. Write the associated verbs (to eat, to drink, to start a fire, to catch a fish, to sleep, to escape, to cook, to wear) behind the papers and DO NOT let the students see. Put the cutout magnets on top or near their category then set up the projector.
  4. Incorporate going on vacation into the greeting. (How's the weather today? Wow, perfect to go on a vacation! Want to go on a vacation? Etc.)
  5. Split the class into 6 groups (there are enough items for 6 groups per class but feel free to add more if you need!) and pass out whiteboards and pens.
  6. Present the slideshow. Really sell the vacation aspect when telling the students to pack their bags.
  7. Ask the students to establish an order for coming up to select their items (they can play rock paper scissors). Everyone on the team will take a turn picking an item. Explain that with every turn one person per team can pick one item from the category displayed in the slide. They tend to race each other and that’s fine.
  8. After all the items have been selected from all 8 categories, tell them it’s time to board the plane and play the cinematic slides of the plane falling from the sky.
  9. Reveal that you’re not vacationing, you’re now castaways and you must use the items you packed to survive! Also reveal the associated verbs and that in each category, those items must be used for that specific use. Each item is worth points and the team with the most points will be rescued from the island. Helpful items are worth more points (i.e. for ‘to catch a fish’ the fishing rod is worth the most points while the paper bag is worth the least points).
  10. This is the active game time. Present the script on screen for the class to see (slide 18) and tell them they will have five minutes to play rock, paper, scissors to ask to trade their items. The winners may take or keep what they want. The target phrase here is ‘What do you have to ~~?’ and ‘I have ~~ to ~~.’ **Please note that they may only trade items from the same category! A winter coat can be traded for sandals but cannot be traded for a fishing rod!
  11. Allow 2 minutes for a strategy discussion and then set the timer and set them loose.
  12. After five minutes, ask them to go back to their seats and start the point reveal. Make sure to check that each group has one item per category before moving on.
  13. For each category, ask the groups to write out the full sentences, i.e. I have a video game to start a fire, I have cake to eat, etc. and read aloud for the class.
  14. Track points and tally winner.
  15. Announce the winners and play the last slide of a boat leaving an island (and award stickers if that’s your thing!). Console the other castaways.

Orignally made using Google Docs, slides and cutout sheet accessible here (please make a copy to make any edits you like!):

My students really enjoyed the game and it was good practice. Of course, during game time, walk around to make sure they are using the target phrasing. It was a big hit for my 2年生 and worth all the effort! Give it a try and I hope you enjoy it too!

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