Wasei Eigo Kahoot!

3 kahoots about wasei eigo! First one has an example of how the game works.

Make copies if you want to modify them! :)

Submitted by Cami sensei June 11, 2024 Estimated time: About 15 min each.
  1. Stagione June 11, 2024

    Nice! Just a couple of notes, since I also made a quiz on waseigo recently. マンション and アパート are two different things. アパート is apartment, but マンション is closer to a condominium, usually a bit bigger and nicer, so I would not say マンション = apartment. Also, I was told by a JTE that Japanese people just call pancake パンケーキ, but this may be ESID.

  2. Gaijingaiden June 12, 2024

    I've never not had a Japanese person not know what I meant when I said "pancake", so I think the English word has fully crossed over. In fact, there was a pancake cafe near where I used to work that used パンケーキ on their sign.

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