Listen and Draw Game

This is a drawing game for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 5 p.48 - prepositions (by, in, on, under)

Students will draw what they hear, to create a beautiful and unique picture.

Set up:
Give each student a worksheet.
Tell them to open their textbooks to page 161. Most of the vocabulary they will hear is on this page (except the animals).
I tell them it's a hint page...but they will definitely need it as they struggle with words like 'rug', 'floor' etc.

It's a listen and draw game!
Read one sentence at a time. Repeat a few times with emphasis on the key elements. Check and help students where necessary.
Students should draw what they hear in the picture of the room.
Once most (some students are slow at drawing) are finished, move onto the next.
Continute in this way for as much time as you have. In 25 minutes, we usually do about 6-10 sentences. Some classes are quicker than others.

Then, part 2, students write 3 sentences about their picture.
Write the sentence format on the board: 'A ______ is ______ the _______.'
Then write an example in the gaps: e.g. 'A cat is on the bed.'
Check and help students where necessary.
If you draw your own version of the picture, it can be fun to share this with the students at the end too.

- A clock is by the window.
- A cat is on the bed.
- A rug is on the floor.
- A table is on the rug.
- A rabbit is under the table.
- A cup is on the table.
- An umbrella is by the door.
- A hat is on the cat.
- A key is in the cup.
- A snake is under the bed.
- A calendar is by the door.
- A tree is in the window.
- Asami is in the door. --> (This one usually gets a laugh!)

You can pick and choose what sentences you'd like to use. Though, students usually like the animal ones!

((For formatting, I use: 'Antique Olive Compact' or 'Segoe UI Black' for titles, and 'UD デジタル UK-R' for body text.))

Submitted by lianneinjapan July 9, 2024 Estimated time: 30 minutes

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