例文 UNO!!!

Uno but with a twist for students to practice distinguishing word types and sentence tenses.

Before the lesson, print out and cut the UNO cards. (A4 Double-sided)
(I like to print each set on different coloured paper, so the kids don't mix them.)

Start the lesson with a speaking warmup activity to get the kids in English mode.

After the warmup, but before playing the game:
Optional: Give the students the "TENSE REVIEW" worksheet to quickly review the slightly more difficult tenses.
(It should only take about 5-10 mins for SHS Students. They most likely learnt the tenses in JHS)

Put students into groups. (4 students per group is best, 3/5 is ok)
Give each group 1 set of cards.
Use the PowerPoint Presentation to explain the game.
Then, play.

While students play, walk around and help them / chat with them.
If a student wins, tell them to start again instead of playing for second place, so that everyone is always playing.
If the lesson ends and they still have cards, tell them to count how many cards they have left, and the student with the least wins.

Small files
  • UNO CARDS.pdf (880 KB)
  • WS - TENSE REVIEW.pdf (68.2 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • UNO.pptx (1.97 MB)
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