I call it...

Students practice the verb "call" by telling each other about the nicknames they use.

Submitted by Jake W

November 15, 2018

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

This activity is to practice the verb "call" in the Subject Verb Object Complement pattern. This might be easier to understand with an example:

I start out by telling the JTE about the names I use for family members. I write the following on the board:

  • I call my mother "mom."
  • I call my brother "bro."
  • I call my old car "the toaster."

I explain that we have familiar names that we use for family members like "mom," "dad," "bro," and "sis." Of course if you're doing this activity then you can use whichever words you like. My old car was really boxy and slow so I thought it was a toaster on wheels.

I ask the JTE if they have any nicknames for people they know or other special names for objects or places. If you know that one of the teachers at the school has a nickname, you can ask the students "What do you call Mr. Watanabe?" It's important to explain that the word order is very important and the meaning will be reversed if you mix them up.

Once the students understand the idea, pass out the sheet (it's small so cut it across the middle) and ask them to write a nickname that they have for something or someone. After they've written their example, they should tell their classmates the nicknames they use. If you want to do some writing practice after they've finished, you can have them write full sentences about their friends. "Yumi calls Mr. Abe Abe-chan."

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    1. akopoito December 11, 2022

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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