One World 3

Junior High School third-year.



  1. 4

    I know what to see there in each season!

    Indirect Question
  2. 6

    He named the taste umami.

    Subject Verb Object Complement
  3. 7

    It was so interesting for me to learn about Japanese cuisine.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  4. 10

    I have just come back from Souris East Lighthouse.

    Present Perfect
  5. 12

    I have read the book before.

    Present Perfect
  6. 14

    Have you ever smelled anything so good?

    Present Perfect
  7. 19

    Could you tell me how to get to Yokohama Stadium?

  8. 20

    Write a letter in English

    Unlisted Grammar
  9. 22

    My grandfather has lived in Hokkaido for a long time.

    Present Perfect
  10. 24

    You have been reading that book since three o'clock!

    Present Perfect Continuous
  11. 26

    Wildlife Should Be Returned to the Wild

    One World
  12. 32

    The girl wearing yellow ribbons is Yuko.

    Reduced Relative Clause
  13. 34

    This is a drone made for people like you!

    Reduced Relative Clause
  14. 36

    The Pan-Pacific Festival

    One World
  15. 42

    Audrey Hepburn

    One World
  16. 48

    He was the athlete who won a gold medal in 1928.

    Relative Pronoun
  17. 50

    I have a magazine which has many photos.

    Relative Pronoun
  18. 58

    If I had a brother, I could do a lot of things with him.

    Second conditional
  19. 60

    If I were you, I would take his advice.

    Second conditional
  20. 62

    I wish I could speak French.

    Modal Verb - "could"
  21. 70

    Do we have to work?

  22. 72

    Debate: Professions and Working

    Jobs and Professions
  23. 74

    Work-Life Balance

  24. 78

    Write a Graduation Speech in English

    One World
  25. 82

    Doggy Bag Debate

  26. 84

    Doggy Bag Debate

  27. 90

    Debate: Boxes Lunches vs School Lunches

  28. 92

    My Prayer for Peace

    One World
  29. 98

    Painting the Fence

    One World
  30. 102

    Counting on Katherine Johnson

    One World
  31. 108

    Free the Children

    One World
  32. 114

    John Mung

    One World

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