Modal Verb - "could"

I wish I could fly.

  • If I met...Crazy story

    This is a writing and reading review activity I made for my JHS 3年生 using the target grammar in Sunishine 3. Lets students make a crazy story about meeting a famous person of their choice.

  • G3- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    Kahoot quizzes by units for JHS 3rd graders.

  • No Prep Speaking Activity - Zombie Game

    Need a last minute speaking activity that requires no prep? The zombie game encourages students to practice speaking using the most recent grammar points, win-win for everyone!

  • I Wish I Had Advice

    An interactive PowerPoint presentation and activity for teaching the sentence structures "I can't/I wish I could ~," "I don't have/I wish I had ~," and "If I were you, I would ~."

  • I wish I could.... Picture Naughts and Crosses

    A pattern practice game where students must use pictures to make sentences.

  • Cave of Wonders (NH3 U6 "I wish...")

    Students will work in groups to change prompts into Key Sentence 19 from New Horizon 3's Unit 6. Then, they will play a game.

  • Subjunctive Battleship, New Horizons JHS 3 U6

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 3 Unit 6. It’s fantastic for drilling the subjunctive. Ex. If you saw a BTS concert, would you be very excited?

  • Human Bingo (Do you wish you could~)

    A speaking challenge activity that will help the students practice "I wish~" phrases which includes fun and random phrases options (Blue Sky 3 - Target 18)

  • (I wish...) (If I were...) Subjunctive Mood Game

    Quick warm up activity for reviewing the subjunctive mood/modal verb.

  • New Horizon 3 Unit 6 Review

    Kahoot online game to review the new words, contents and grammar of NH 3 Unit 6 (Beyond Borders)

  • Bucket List

    Students will write about things they want to accomplish in their lifetime.

  • Gesture Game Modals I wish I could/were/had

    Fun and simple gesture game.

  • Modal Masters (I wish I could...)

    A fun writing relay to practice modal verb "could" with a festive theme.

  • Scale The Spire/DragonSlayer Game

    Class-Based fantasy Competitive Team Review Game

  • I Wish Modal Could Interview Bingo

    Interview bingo to practice I wish I could/had for the Modal Could grammar point.

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