Animal Sounds Game

A short quiz game guessing animal sounds

This can be done as a quick with students raising their hands to answer.

It can also be done as a race and speak activity where one member of the team rushes to the teacher to whisper the answer. If correct they can get random points (using a deck of cards) or points based on how quickly they arrived.

Click on the green box to hear the sounds and the red box to stop it. Click anywhere to reveal the answer.

Some are tricky so I've included hints with the answer sheet. After listening you can give them a hint as well.

I've included a shorter version (This is what I generally use) and a longer version that has a few the students won't know the vocabulary for.

NOTE: the sound only works on windows computers

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  • animal sounds game.pptx (19.1 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert October 12, 2020 Estimated time: 10 to 20 minutes

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