Let's Talk About Smartphones

Students learn some useful phrases regarding smartphones, and then they write about if they think smartphones are good or bad.

Submitted by rebvandev

October 12, 2020

Estimated time: 40 minutes

I didn't want to do the telephone dialogue in the textbook as I think it's becoming obsolete since smartphones have taken over. Instead, I made this sheet to show how we connect with others on a smartphone.

I also used this lesson to talk about the danger of strangers and that they should only use social media with their friends/people they know.

Part 1 - Learn some fun phrases on the front side of the paper.
Part 2 - Answer this question on the back: "Smartphones and social media have become very popular. Is this good or bad? Why?"
There are some positive/negative clipart pictures and a box of words to give them some writing ideas.

The third page is my writing example that I read and then kept up as they were writing.

Small files
  • 2020 s 3 p52 phone speaking altopedia ver.pdf (328 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 2020 s 3 p52 phone speaking altopedia ver.pptx (1.85 MB)
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    1. Jake W October 12, 2020

      The Irasutoya dangers-of-smartphones images make me chuckle. Watch where you're goin', buddy!

    2. rebvandev October 13, 2020

      Same! There were so many good ones that I had a tough time choosing which ones to use

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